Graduate Employment Program

The Graduate Employment Program provides internship, apprenticeship and executive opportunities to the youth in the private sector according to the employer’s skills requirement in the industries. The Futurenation registered individual’s skills gap is assessed and upskilled through receiving skills training courses.  Subsequently, she or he is placed for any of the above-mentioned positions based on the suggestion of the Job Recommendations Engine (JRE) of the Futurenation Technology Platform. The learners do not need to submit any academic certificate or other evidence-based documents to Futurenation to register in the technology platform except for National Identity Card or Birth Certificate information.  Besides, the individuals need not pay any charge as a fee to join and complete the courses in the Graduate Employment program.


    Who is it for?

    • School/ college or university graduates from any academic and socio-cultural background
    • Tertiary students
    • Young professionals

    How does it work?

    After completing the registration and assessment process, Futurenation users opt for the training courses in online and/ or offline learning formats. Generally, the online-based training courses are available in the Futurenation technology platform and classroom-based training courses are obtainable in the Futurenation-Business Incubation Centers which will be established in the 64 districts of Bangladesh. Considering the diversity of the trainees, individualized learning experiences are applied as the training delivery approach. Finally, the youths get connected with jobs, especially in the internship, apprenticeship, and executive positions in the private sector as per acquired skills required by the industries.

    How does someone get benefit from this?

    • Aptitude tests and talent assessment for potential interns or executives
    • Training Need Assessment (TNA) of future apprentices
    • Basic business and working skills preparation through foundational courses
    • Certification courses on business and technical skills
    • Industry-based specific business, technical and vocational courses
    • Internship, apprenticeship, and executive opportunities in the private sector
    • Finding spot Job search engine
    • Building advanced career path
    • Employers’ touchpoint platform