Freelancing Enablement Program

While Bangladesh is struggling with a huge youth employment issue, exploring the digital platform economy for newer opportunities can significantly help solve the existing unemployment problem among youth. The good news for Bangladesh is that it already has a good head start in the digital platform economy as many freelancers are working in this field. Upskilling new and existing freelancers through a comprehensive program can be a great way of fully benefitting from the digital platform economy and addressing the challenges of youth unemployment. Under this context, Futurenation introduces the “Freelancer Enablement Program (FEP)” to enable new freelancers with skills relevant to the market needs and upgrade existing freelancers with skills for better/higher-paying jobs.


Who is it for?

  • Fresh graduates
  • Tertiary students
  • Job seekers
  • Interested potential youth as new entrants
  • Students of IT Background
  • Non-Graduates
  • Existing freelancers

How does it work?

The Freelancer Enablement Program will have different courses to prepare individuals for the digital platform economy. For instance, youth who aspire to become a digital marketers can enhance their skills and develop knowledge by attending courses related to Digital Marketing. All the participants will be provided with a foundation course to train them on professional communication and etiquette, digital literacy, and financial literacy. A personalized and adaptive learning environment will be provided for each trainee. Based on recommendations of the Learning Management System (LMS), beneficiaries’ socio-economic and cognitive status, in-person or online course instruction is adopted for skill development. Each course will have its assessment after completion. Badges and certificates will be issued based on scores. The respective experts and renowned private training services have developed customized course contents to facilitate the skill training process of the participants.