About Futurenation


Futurenation is a new coalition of the government, private, and development sector leaders that will work together to transform the country’s population dividend - into the key driving force of the economy and enable individuals to achieve economic independence beyond borders. This, in turn, will ensure the acceleration of the country’s economic growth agenda.

Working with the backdrop of a post-COVID world and a rising call to increase decent employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the nation, Futurenation aspires to become a leading economic enabler through its one-stop eco-system and solution connecting industry experts and accelerate economic opportunities by developing workforce capability and supporting relevant enablement activities.

The program aims to train the future workforce and help them sustain themselves by connecting them to employment opportunities. The idea is that the youth workforce will be able to convert the skills learned from the training program into higher-paid jobs locally and globally, yielding a stream of income in years to come. The program will also focus on building the next generation of entrepreneurs nationwide.



Awareness Building and Eco-system Development
To create national awareness on skills, employment, entrepreneurship, and overall economic opportunity for the workforce.

Workforce Development
To develop a workforce with fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills and prepare them for decent employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Workforce Placement
To employ the industry workforce, independent professionals, freelancers, and migrant workers in the different industries and sectors according to their earned skillset and knowledge base.

Enterprise Development
To prepare potential entrepreneurs to start their enterprise with improved knowledge and skills. To scale up the existing initiatives, start-up companies will be supported with an equity enhancement program with financial investments.


Futurenation project will enable relevant government institutions and connect with industry actors to accelerate economic opportunities through upskilling & enablement for the country's millions of women and youth


The vision of Futurenation is to achieve economic opportunities for all. The project will create decent work and entrepreneurship opportunities for the women and youth of the country, leaving no one behind